Here you can find links to articles from American news outlets that feature Dutch art, architecture and design.

  • Date: April 5, 2012

    Source: The New York Times, by Roberta Smith

    News Item: You Can Almost Hear Him Sigh, Rembrandt at work at Metropolitan Museum

    Quote: This year the joys of spring in New York include the visit of a large, magnificently plainspoken self-portrait by Rembrandt to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Never before exhibited in this country, it comes from the collection of Kenwood House in North London, which is closed for repairs; it will subsequently join other Kenwood paintings at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, for an exhibition that will open in June and then travel to three other American museums.

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  • Date: March 27, 2012

    Source: The Wall Street Journal, by Karen Wilkin

    News Item: A Rembrandt of Our Invention

    Quote: What is it about Rembrandt? Peter Paul Rubens is commonly imagined as the immensely successful head of a busy studio, an international superstar who produced bravura masterpieces while listening to learned readings and attending to diplomatic correspondence; apprentices and skilled assistants helped produce sought-after works priced according to how much the master had “touched” them. By contrast, Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669)—a generation younger than Rubens—is regarded as an embattled loner, painting only to please himself and suffering neglect and poverty because of it.

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  • The Art NewspaperDate: March 15, 2012

    Source: The Art Newspaper, by Gareth Harris

    News Item: Tefaf: going Dutch has never felt better

    Quote: Where in the world can you see long and good-humoured queues waiting to get into an art fair at three o’clock on a weekday afternoon?” asked the correspondent in our assessment of the European Fine Art Fair (Tefaf) in Maastricht 11 years ago (The Art Newspaper, April 2001). This undisputed grande dame of art fairs will be proudly polishing her silver this month to mark her jubilee (16-25 March). Twenty-four years ago Tefaf Maastricht, now in its 25th edition, launched in the Maastricht Exhibition and Congress Centre (MECC) with 89 participating dealers, the majority of them Dutch. Most of the 17,672 visitors to the fair in 1988 travelled at most a few hundred kilometres.

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  • CurbedDate: March 13, 2012

    Source: Curbed, by Sara Polsky

    News Item: Architectural Crazinees: What If Bodegas Offered Daycare?

    Quote: The architects at SO-IL designed the P.S. 1 contest-winning “Pole Dance,” a sukkah for Sukkah City, a vision for NYC in 2040—and now, a bodega of the future. We asked SO-IL to join a few other architects in envisioning the future of the bodega, and they suggested Bo-daycare, rendered above.

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  • Washington PostDate: March 11, 2012

    Source: Washington Post, by Philip Kennicott

    News Item: Dutch portraits exhibit stories of power at the National Gallery

    Quote: The double chins, flabby cheeks and puffy eyes in two large-scale Dutch paintings now on view at the National Gallery of Art belong to male members of Amsterdam’s mid-17th-century elite. They are governors of a building — the largest public space in Amsterdam at the time — which served as a gathering place for one of the city’s three militia companies. It also did duty as a tavern and public reception hall for dignitaries.

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  • Financial TimesDate: March 9, 2012

    Source: Financial Times, by Julie Belcove

    News Item: Ahead of the curve

    Quote: Finding solutions to such hazards was the challenge put to Solid Objectives – Idenburg Liu, SO-IL for short, the four-year-old Brooklyn-based architecture firm charged with designing the tents for Frieze Art Fair’s first New York edition in May.

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  • Date: March 8, 2012

    Source: Slant Magazine, by Chuck Bowen

    News Item: Convento, movie review

    Quote: Convento is an unusual experimental film that conjures the free-floating aura of a dream, only without the stylized, hyper-symbolic imagery that we generally associate with films attempting to convey dream states. The director Jarred Alterman has, in fact, taken the opposite approach: His compositions are gorgeous and surreal in their plainness and rational tactility. Convento captures the casually reassuring pleasure, as well as the potentially disconcerting oddness, of seeing something commonplace anew.


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  • Date: March 8, 2012

    Source: Your Alaska Link, by Megan Mazurek

    News Item: An Award Winning Photojournalist Documents his Trip From Chile to Alaska

    Quote: In 40 weeks award winning photojournalist Kadir Van Lohuizen traveled from the southern tip of Chile to the North Slope here in Alaska. Along the way Kadir documented contemporary migration, he profiled families, communities, and societies. Through his images his goal was to portray the conflict of people in search of a better life, indigenous communities trying to survive and the quest of people exploring natural resources and reserves.

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  • Artinfo

    Date: March 6, 2012

    Source:, by Janelle Zara

    News Item: Frieze Unveils Sinuous Randall’s Island Pavilion, Snaking Its Way Into the Armory Week Spotlight

    Quote: The young firm, founded in 2008 by Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu, said in a press release that the pavilion’s meandering shape is owed to “a slightly mutated pie-shaped tent section” that they developed to add a twist to an otherwise simple structure — inserting triangular wedges into the length of the tent gave it bit of sway to snake along the island’s shore.

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  • Time Out Magazine

    Date: March 6, 2012

    Source: Time Out New York, by Paul Laster

    News Item: Review: Jacco Olivier

    Quote: Dutch artist Jacco Olivier began his career by creating conventional canvases, but soon discovered that he preferred slide shows of the paintings, taken as he made them from start to finish. Kicking this concept up a notch, Olivier captured his casual brushwork by scanning his photos into a computer, which were then animated.


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